Best Post-Run Snack Ideas

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No matter your workout or running schedule, most everyone will try to get in at least a small snack before they finally hit the gym or trail. What some may not realize is that the post-workout snack is just as important as the food that is consumed before one’s exercise. For those that want to make every run as efficient as possible, here are some of the top snacks to wind down with. Of course, That’s It. Fruit Bars are great snacks for any time.

The Protein Shake

The protein shake has typically been considered the traditional post-workout snack. Protein shakes are the perfect blend of carbohydrates and protein without weighing you down with a huge plate of food. A convenient protein shake is going to have a few basic properties beginning with the protein itself. Some may want to use dairy products for the protein, but soy and whey powders can be just as effective. Throwing in fruits such as a banana, strawberries or pears will add flavor as well as antioxidants and potassium.

Tuna on Whole Wheat

Outside of lean white meats, tuna is one of the go-to options for those that would like to quickly repair their muscles with amino acids after a workout. Fresh tuna should be packed in water and requires nothing more than some pepper, celery seeds, or a splash of lemon juice. Small amounts of salt and mustard can also be used to increase flavor. The blend of carbs and protein in a tuna sandwich will also help to suppress one’s appetite for less nutritious options.

Yogurt and Berries

After an especially difficult run, muscles throughout the body are starved for amino acids. Minor tears in the muscle fibers can result in soreness, fatigue, and potentially even serious damage. In order to combat this, yogurt is one of the best options with proteins that are easily broken down by the body. Those that are lactose intolerant may even enjoy the fact that yogurt is one of the most easily-digestible dairy products. Adding fresh berries or cherries will improve the overall carb load for increased energy.

After an exhausting run, it can be difficult to muster the energy to create a meal. Luckily, these few simple snacks can be made beforehand and could make all the difference on improving one’s speed, endurance, and strength.

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