The Best Ideas For Healthy Diabetic Snacks

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Do you or a loved one live with diabetes and need some ideas for diabetic snacks? Here are some tasty low sugar and carb options. (But of course, you should always ask your doctor or other medical professional first!)

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Living with Type 2 Diabetes means adjusting the way that you eat. This applies to snacks as well as meals. Rather than focusing on the fact that you need to keep consumption of simple carbohydrates to a minimum, try identifying all the tasty treats that you can enjoy, within reason. Here are some examples of diabetic snacks.


You already know that certain vegetables are kind to your blood glucose levels. There are even some that you can enjoy without having to cook them. Creating a small selection of raw vegetables and using your own homemade olive oil and vinegar dressing for dipping will make for a filling snack, and also provide your body with some of the nutrients needed to remain healthy.

For example, prepare a small snack plate that holds a half-dozen broccoli florets, several slices of cucumber, and some strips of red, green, and yellow bell peppers. This combination provides some of the fiber that your body needs, plus important vitamins.

Fruits Work Too

While it is true that many fruits do contain significant amounts of carbohydrates, it is possible to mix and match them into combinations that result in lower blood sugar spikes. At the same time, you also get a nice helping of vitamins and minerals that are good for the mind and the body.

As a snack, consider making your own version of fruit salsa. Combine small amounts of finely chopped cherries, pears, and apples mixed in with some blueberries. Rather than heading for that bag of high carbohydrate corn chips, substitute with some whole grain crackers that do not contain any type of bleached flour. If you can find chips that are made using some sort of alternative like oat flour or almond flour, that is all the better.

That’s it. fruit bars are diabetic friendly. Each portion-controlled bar contains low glycemic dried fruit along with 3 grams of fiber. Great for a snack while you’re on the go!

Nuts to You

Consuming the right type of nuts is also a good way to enjoy a diabetic snack and not have to worry about taking in too many carbohydrates. Unsalted almonds are an excellent choice, along with limited amounts of walnuts. Both these nuts contain the type of healthy fat that your body needs for energy production. As a bonus, they do not contribute to raising cholesterol levels, something that many diabetics must also consider. If you don’t care for raw nuts, consider roasting them for a few minutes to help bring out the flavor.

Don’t Forget the Eggs

While you may think of eggs as more of a breakfast food, nothing beats a single hard-boiled egg as a nice mid-afternoon snack. Sprinkle a little Celtic or Himalayan sea salt on the egg to add some flavor. The trace minerals in those salts are better for you than processed salts, and you won’t need as much in order to season the egg properly. Eggs do contain a nice amount of protein, which will help keep your energy level up for the rest of the afternoon.

Being diabetic does not mean you have to go without the occasional snack. What it does mean is that you must be smart about the types of foods you consume. Try these snack ideas and you’ll find they will easily take care of your cravings for something sweet or salty.

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