Organic Apple Crunchables - Smart Apple

Organic Apple Crunchables 24 Count Box
Organic Apple Crunchables 24 Count Box 2
No Sugar Added
Only 1 Ingredient
Organic Apple Crunchables Nutrition Panel

Organic Apple Crunchables - Smart Apple


Ingredients: Organic apples

Organic Apple Crunchables are made from one ingredient: organic apples, crisped to perfection. With a crisp and delicious taste and no added sugar, preservatives or anything extra, kids will love these Crunchables as a perfect lunch box replacement for sugary fruit snacks. Includes 24 pouches 0.3 ounce bags.

Crunchables are nut-free, non-GMO, soy-free, sesame-free and free of the top 12 allergens. They’re vegan, Whole30 and certified Paleo + Kosher.

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