Apple + Cherry

Cherry bar and real cherries in front of box of 12 bars
Cherry fruit bar
 Us vs. Them - we have 100 calories, zero added sugar, 2 ingredients, ree from the top 12 food allergens vs the competition - they have 18 ingredients, 190 calories, 8g added sugar, contains food allergies
Apple Cherry Only 2 Ingredients
Apple Cherry Pattern

Apple + Cherry


Ingredients: Apples, cherries

Get our daily dose of real fruit, in the form of 12 cherries, one apple, and absolutely nothing else. Ingredients have never been this simple and clean. That's it. Fruit Bars are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergen-free, with no added sugars. They do not require refrigeration, and are shelf-stable for two years. 

100 calories 0 grams of fat 3 grams of fiber

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