Dark Chocolate Banana Truffles

Chocolate has never been sweeter, and with just 5 simple, all-natural ingredients, you can indulge in your dark chocolate delights at just 33 calories per truffle. Seriously, That’s it. Anyone else feeling a little scandalous?


  • DARK CHOCOLATE DECADENCE MADE WITH ONLY CHOCOLATE & FRUIT: Finally, a guilt-free, vegan dark chocolate fruit truffle made with clean, minimal ingredients that you can feel great about! 
  • 100% USDA ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED, ALL-NATURAL SNACKS: Our organic chocolate truffles are the perfect vegan treat to satisfy your sweet craving!
  • CERTIFIED FAIR-TRADE CHOCOLATE: We pride ourselves in not only making chocolate that is good for you, but also good for the planet. We use only socially responsible, perfectly balanced 64% cacao dark chocolate!

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