5 Work Out Ideas for Small Spaces

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Many find that several workouts each week are vitally essential if they are to stay in shape and feel good.

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An effective workout can help people avoid illness and remain active and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. While some people can devote a great deal of space in their home for a location where they can work out, it is still possible to get a terrific workout even if you only have a small house or apartment.

Jump Rope

A jump rope can provide an excellent workout for little money and requires very little storage space. Store one in your closet for a quick bout of exercise in any corner of your home.

Stationary Bike

Indoor bikes are a great way to get an intensive workout even when it’s raining outside. Purchase a stationary bike and place it an obtrusive corner. Or buy small, portable stands that allow you turn an existing bike into a stationary bike.

Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines allow people to get an effective cardiovascular workout with a minimum amount of space. Most have legs that can be removed when not in use. This makes it easy to place the trampoline behind a doorway or in a closet and then take it out when needed.

Free Weights

Weight lifting has been shown to help build muscle mass and reduce potentially dangerous body fat levels. A simple set of dumbbells or even a kettlebell, can help get you into shape and only require a shelf or closet to be stored away.


This ancient and relaxing art has been shown to help lower blood pressure and allow people to feel calmer as well as cope with stress better. Yoga can be practiced almost anytime and anywhere. Many people find they need only a yoga mat and video instructor to make sure their poses are being performed correctly.

So don’t let a small workout space keep you from regular exercise. With a little imagination and the right tools, any space can be your own home gym!

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