Dark Chocolate That's it. Fruit Pops Recipe

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We have heart-eyes for these delicious and adorable, heart-shaped, dark chocolate, That's it. fruit pops! Keep reading below for the fruit pops recipe.

Dark Chocolate That's it. Fruit Pops
These are dark chocolate That’s it. fruit pops created by Marlena Kur (@zestmylemon)


1 cup dark chocolate chips

3 That’s it. Apple + Strawberry fruit bars

3 That’s it. Apple + Apricot fruit bars

Toppings (sprinkles, coconut, nuts etc.)

Items needed:

Microwave safe glass bowl

spoon for stirring

sharp knife

cake pop sticks

8″ X 12″ cookie sheet

wax paper (optional)


Cut and shape each square into any desired shape such as hearts as show

Cut each of the That’s It fruit bars into 3 equal size square pieces. Cut and shape each square into any desired shape such as hearts as shown. Roll any excess pieces into balls or reshape as you would like to. Insert a pop stick securely into each pre-shaped piece and adjust shaping if necessary.

In a microwave safe glass bowl melt dark chocolate chips in 25 second intervals in the microwave on high stirring each time until completely melted. Dip and spin each pop into the chocolate allowing any excess chocolate to drip off then place onto cookie sheet lined with wax paper. 

Tossed bar bits in sauce

Toss with the toppings of choice. I used sprinkles because my kids love them that way! If you are making balls only you may want to roll the pops into the toppings first before placing on the cookie sheet since the balls don’t easily lose its shape. The wax paper isn’t necessary but I feel that it makes it much easier to remove the finished product without the chocolate sticking and breaking up. Don’t worry if the chocolate becomes misshaped once on the cookie sheet because you can cut any excess chocolate off easily once the chocolate has hardened. Refrigerate at least one hour until chocolate has fully hardened and cut any excess chocolate with a sharp knife and enjoy!

Final Fruit pops with sprinkles

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