Healthy & Energy Boosting Foods For Your Pre Workout meal

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In addition to carbohydrates, here are some healthy and nutrient-filled options to incorporate into your pre workout meal or snack.

Woman in workout clothes eating a bowl of fruit

Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy when you plan to workout, but provide little nutritional value. This is why it is vital to choose foods that contain vitamins and minerals in addition to carbohydrates. To avoid monotony, it is important to keep a variety of foods ready for a quick pre workout meal or snack.


Foods made of grains are easy to prepare ahead of time to have ready to eat before your exercise routine. Instead of choosing grain products made from refined or processed flour, select ones made of whole grains. There are numerous ready-made whole grain breads and crackers in grocery stores, but you must always read the labels to insure it’s whole grain.


Most people, including athletes do not consume enough fruit. Fruit contains natural sugar that provides a boost of energy for anyone preparing for a workout. You can also get nutrients such as vitamin C from oranges to improve the immune system or vitamin K from blueberries to build strong bones. A That’s It. Apple + Blueberries fruit bar is the perfect energy boosting snack with two whole servings of fruit.


Bite-size vegetables are easy to transport in plastic containers to the workout room to give extra energy. Grocery stores have chopped vegetables such as carrot sticks and broccoli florets, or prepare your own to save money. Cooked vegetables, including baked sweet potatoes are also acceptable to add nutrition and carbohydrates to a diet plan.


Many dairy foods provide nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein that increase energy levels in the body. Anyone choosing a dairy product needs to select varieties that do not contain large amounts of cane sugar. Great dairy foods to buy are smoothies or yogurt made with low-fat milk and tasty fruit.

Small Portions

While eating food before a workout it is recommended to maintain energy, never consume a large portion in order to avoid digestive problems. Buy foods in small packages to make it simple to grab-and-go. To stay on track with food plans, many athletes have written charts with each day’s menu in an easy to find location in their home.

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