4 Simple Stress Relief Exercises For Everyday

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Life is stressful, isn't it? Here are 4 simple stress relief exercises to help you get your balance back!

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Stress is a fact of life for most people. It is caused by many things and can have devastating effects if not properly managed or eliminated. Stress releases chemicals within the body that prepare us for fight or flight. This chemical response must be compensated through physical activity in order to prevent potentially serious health issues. That’s why the staff at That’s It. believe in purity and balance the way nature intended.

Thankfully, there are simple exercises you can do to offset risks associated with stress. Here are 4 stress relief exercises to help you reach your zen. 


Stretching is often overlooked as exercise. However, it is one of the best exercises anyone can do to prevent injury and reduce stress. The Internet is full of free information that will teach the novice very basic stretches to improve flexibility. Breathing techniques that promote relaxation can also be incorporated to provide additional relief. These exercises can be done from the comfort of home with soft music and dim light.


Although somewhat similar in technique to stretching, yoga requires more of a demand on muscles and is also a great alternative for stress relief. There are several levels of difficulty, and therefore, the beginner can enjoy this amazing, functional form of exercise. DVD programs often incorporate beginner, intermediate and advanced programs that allow progression from the comfort of home. Local community centers offer very affordable yoga classes without the intimidating environment of a gym. Yoga also teaches breathing techniques that promote additional relaxation and improve functional performance during exercise.


Walking is a simple way to reduce stress and can obviously be done without formal training. A good pair of walking shoes that reduces impact will prevent the potential of joint pain associated with repetitive motion. Consider having yourself fit with shoes appropriate to your gait should you decide to make walking an extensive part of your stress reducing program.


Swimming rounds out the list of simple activities that help reduce stress. Swimming trains the entire body, and the non-weight bearing properties make it a joy for those limited by joint pain.

While stress may be a common part of daily life, it does not have to diminish the quality of life. Regular exercise provides an environment that quickly diminishes ill effects while improving health and overall well-being.

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