3 Reasons Zinc is Important for Your Health

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Minerals are often overlooked as people gain knowledge about vitamins and nutrients that are needed for good health. There are two kinds of minerals, major minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium; and then there are trace elements, which are also minerals, but presented in much smaller amounts. Examples of trace minerals are copper, manganese and zinc.

Today we’ll focus on zinc and how it is beneficial to your health.

Zinc is one of those overlooked nutrients that are needed for proper health. Zinc has a strong effect on the immune system, which is vital in keeping the entire body healthy. Evidence of this is in the reduced duration and intensity of the common cold because Zinc supports the immune system while it helps to prevent many diseases.

Another important reason to get the right amount of zinc on a daily basis is because zinc accelerates the growth of new cells, including T cells. Zinc is vital for a woman going through pregnancy, but it also renews the skin and accelerates hair growth with good cell growth.

Zinc is also beneficial as part of a healthy diet when it comes to proper wound healing and scars. Zinc helps the body prevent infections at the wound site. Avoiding infection isn’t only vital to your overall health, it is also key in a leaving a less noticeable scar. Zinc also aids the body with collagen production, which is also important for the scar to heal properly.

AS a guideline, here is some of the average zinc intake for several of your favorite foods: dried apricots – 7% DV/100 grams, dried bananas – 4% DV per 100 grams, blackberries – 4% DV/100 grams. If you incorporate  That’s it fruit bars and other healthy foods into your daily diet, with or without a supplement, you will get the required amount that will lead to your best health.

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