5 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

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1. Eat before you shop

Avoid shopping on an empty stomach. When you are hungry, quick foods will be tempting, even if you know they’re fillers. A well-fed customer is more likely to skip frozen aisles and opt for clean and simple foods.

2. Make a shopping list

Be proactive and shop with a plan. Prepare a list and market route to shorten shopping time and thus downplay advertising effects. A shopping list can also help you avoid overspending and keep tabs on your eating habits.

3. Bring your own healthy on-the-go snacks

A common reason for unplanned purchases is for munching along the way, especially when tied to the hungry shopper. Most junk foods “go home” with consumers in this manner, only they never make it inside the doorway. A clever solution is to bring your own healthy on-the-go snacks from home for the car ride; your stock of nutrition bars, nuts, dried fruits, and water are likely to be more wholesome, and budget-friendly, than the candy bars and soda pops placed near checkout stands.

4. Shop with a health-conscious friend

People influence one another, especially when shopping. Shop with a buddy to help you stick to a smart shopping regime (read: you are less likely to buy the 10 for $10 oil-saturated chips in front of your friend). Pick someone who shares your health visions so you can mutually support each other in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

5. Remember the few-ingredients rule

Even with preventative measures, you may still find yourself juggling packaged foods you had suddenly spotted. In any situation, remember clean and simple foods are most nourishing: they will have recognizable content on the label and typically fewer than 5 ingredients listed, no preservatives required. Support healthy brands conducive to your wellness at the grassroot level to encourage your supermarket to expand its line of “real food for real people.”

Having an organic health food store nearby can definitely improve your shopping experience. These pro-consumer chains are worth supporting, and even if prices are higher than other markets, you know you are buying high-quality wholesome foods. For your non-health food store shopping trips, practice these clever shopping tips to retain consumer power!

S cenario update: You walk into a grocery store with a shopping buddy and list, and you guys are out of there within 20 minutes with just the right amount of nourishing foods.