9 Juicy Apple Facts: Sweet, Crisp, and Ripe

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Apples are a often considered a quintessential fruit in the US. But did you ever want to know more about these sweet and crisp healthy treats? Here are 9 ap-peeling apple facts. 

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9 Delicious and Juicy Apple Facts 

  1. Apples are considered to be a part of the rose family.
  2. Apple trees take 4-5 years before they produce their first fruit.
  3. Apples float because 25% of its volume is air.
  4. Apples are fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free.
  5. There are approximately 7,500 kinds of apples worldwide.
  6. The average apple contains about 80 calories.
  7. Washington produces the largest number of apples in the United States.
  8. Thomas Jefferson founded the Fuji apple.
  9. Apples are grown in all 50 states.

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