Five Great Health Benefits of Pineapples

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All though a little rough around the edges, the health benefits of pineapples are deliciously bountiful. Read on to find out five extra special reasons to eat the tropical fruit!

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Health Benefits of Pineapples  

Although their spiky appearance can be intimidating, pineapples are a delicious and nutrient-packed addition to any diet. These tropical fruits are packed with vitamins and have several medicinal policies as well. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding pineapple to your meals and snacks:

  1. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals. A single serving of pineapple will provide you with vitamin C, vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, as well as plenty of fiber. Plus pineapples are naturally free of fat and cholesterol, and the body absorbs their complex fruit sugars slowly, making them far healthier than a snack filled with refined sugars.
  2. Pineapples can help promote strong bones. The calcium and manganese found in pineapples work together to strengthen bones and joints. Manganese is used by the body to repair damaged tissue and grow new bones. Happily, just one cup of pineapple contains almost three quarters of your required manganese intake for the day.
  3. Pineapples contain flavonoids, carotenes and polyphenols, which help to neutralize and remove toxins from the bloodstream and liver. Your liver works hard every day to detoxify your blood, and the natural detoxifying agents in pineapples make that job easier.
  4. Pineapples boost GI health. The combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in pineapples enables them to pass through your system slowly, promoting gut motility. These nutrients also aid in the growth of healthy probiotics.
  5. Pineapples are one of the only known substances to contain bromelain. If you’ve ever noticed tenderness in your mouth after eating too much pineapple, you’ve seen the effects of bromelain. This substance is usually used as a meat tenderizer, but it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Pineapples aren’t just nutrient-dense; they’re also incredibly versatile and delicious. You can add chopped pineapple to a stir-fry, blend the juice into a smoothie, or dry some slices in a dehydrator for a sweet, natural snack. In a hurry? Grab a That's it. Apple + Pineapple Bars or the new That's it. Pina Colada Energy Fruit Blends Bars! These bars are perfect for a quick, healthy snack on the go, providing all the benefits of pineapple in a convenient form.

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