Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Whether you are preparing lunches for your child’s upcoming school week or you have kids who need lunches on the weekend, finding delicious, yet healthy options can often feel tricky. Especially if you have picky eaters in the house! However, making lunchtime fun and tasty is possible with a bit of creativity when it comes time to cook. Make sure you include a That’s It Fruit Bar as a healthy alternative to cookies or sweets for your little ones.

Salad Wraps With Chicken or Tuna

Make salad wraps together with your kids using chicken or tuna and mayonnaise (or veganaise), depending on their preferences and tastes. You can then mix in celery and cranberry for additional nutrients and a sweet flavor. Purchase large heads of romaine lettuce to easily create wraps using longer strips of the lettuce. You can also use low-carbohydrate wraps to lower the overall bread and sugar content.

DIY Healthy “Taco Kits”

Create a DIY health “taco kit” for you and your children to make lunch together. This DIY option works well if you are preparing their lunches for school the night before, or you are making lunch with each other in the afternoon. Include sides of chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, peppers and other vegetables to encourage your children to try new foods, even if they are not familiar with them. Making lunchtime exciting and “DIY” is a way to get your kids excited about trying new foods.

Implement Panko Breadcrumbs

Any time you want to serve fried chicken or another friend item, consider using panko bread crumbs rather than traditional breadcrumbs, as these have fewer carbohydrates, calories and fat. Using panko breadcrumbs gives a flavorful and crunchy texture to meats without additional bread content, allowing you to feel less guilty when your children demand homemade chicken nuggets! You can also use panko breadcrumbs when making classic dishes for your children and family, such as chicken parmesan and chicken cordon bleu.

Implementing healthier lunch ideas for kids is a way for you to ensure your children are getting more nutritional content every day, regardless of whether they are at home or at school. Knowing how to choose the right ingredients over foods that are over-processed and lacking in vitamins and minerals is another way to keep your family healthy and active.

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