The Healing Power of Coconut and Coconut Oil

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Beyond its packed nutrients, coconuts are lesser known for their precious medicinal properties. Learn more about the healing power of coconuts and coconut oil here.

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A Timeless Medicine

Coconuts are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals (and are technically considered fruits not nuts). The Coconut Research Center calls these fruits “functional foods”—holding cures for illnesses and enhancing both traditional and modern medicine. But why? Here is some insight on the tasty, tree grown, wonder food.

The Oil of the 21st Century

In recent years, coconut oil has entered the mainstream as more and more people have learned about the many ways it can be used. Much of its secret lies in coconut oil’s high amount of medium-chain fatty acids.

Why are the medium-chain fatty acids helpful to the human body?

    1. Our body responds to fat molecules according to their size
    2. The fat found in coconut oil is easy to digest, absorb, and burn
    3. Medium-chain fatty acids, unlike long-chain versions found in animal products, do not have a negative impact on cholesterol

    Tropical fresh fruits like coconut are delightful for islanders, but for the other parts of the world that don’t have coconut trees readily growing in their area, virgin coconut oils and raw, healthy coconut snacks are as equally fruitful.  Dr. Mozaffarian, Harvard health program co-director, explains that these coconut based products might provide even more functional than once thought:

    Because they come from coconuts, they may contain beneficial plant chemicals that have yet to be discovered.”

    We may have to wait for the latest research juice, but the variety of healthy coconut snacks on the market now allow us to tap into coconut’s sweet powers today.

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