The Shift Towards Healthy Gaming Snacks During Play

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As the sport of professional virtual gaming has grown, so has the snack needs of players. Here, we'll give you more info on the shift towards healthier gaming snacks and why healthy eating is  important for optimal play. 

Gamers shift towards healthy eating

Why Healthy Gaming Snacks?

If you were asked to describe what a gamer would look like, what first comes to your mind? Leftover pizza, party-sized chips, liters of soda, flat screen tv, and a basement with a plush leather couch? If this is what you envisioned, think again. The world of gaming has evolved to professional esports teams and an annual revenue of up to 1 billion dollars in 2019. With professional gamers seen as athletes, they live with strict diet regimens and work out sessions in order to perform physically at their best when competing on the worldwide stage.

To endure long hours of concentration, gamers no longer want to experience energy crashes from unhealthy foods. They want to snack on something that is convenient and capable of sustaining a consistent level of energy. 65.5% of gamers reported that they felt sluggish and lazy when gaming. All our That’s it. Fruit Bars have a low glycemic index, which help provide a sustained buff of natural energy with none of the sugar crash. In addition, our ready-to-eat snacks (RES’s) can keep your controllers and keyboards free from any grease, crumbs, and oils that could be found in your everyday junk food.

Cleanliness is not the only main factor gamers care about when engaging in their virtual gaming world. Gamers also care about convenience. Gamers want to be energized in the shortest possible time by eating whatever is most readily edible before resuming their video game battles. 63.9% of gamers reported grabbing whatever food is available when hungry and 66.2% reported “Convenience” as the second most important factor in snacking behind “Taste”.

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With our thirteen flavors of fruit bars, That's it. is the perfect gaming snack option. Some are sweet, some come with spices that kick up the flavor a notch, all are tasty, healthy, and 100% natural. Dual wield your fruit bar and controller and outlast your opponents! 

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