As we approach flu season in what has already been an unprecedented year, one thing is for sure: immune health is on Americans’ minds more than ever before. We’ve seen a sharp increase in conversations around the best ways to maintain a strong immune system, and health experts across the board agree that diet and lifestyle choices can dramatically impact individuals’ ability to fight harmful pathogens. Here at That’s it., we know a thing or two about wellness, so we want to share a few of our top immunity-boosting tips to keep in mind as we enter flu season:

Have you ever asked, "what actually are probiotics?" Well, we've got answers and insight into the many health benefits of probiotics!  You may have noticed the term “probiotic” popping up on your grocery store shelves lately. From condiments to drinks to snacks, many foods now highlight probiotics as key ingredients, with labels boasting their many health benefits. Probiotics can [...]


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