Zesty Chili Mango Salad Recipe

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Zesty Chili Mango Salad
Chili Mango Salad created by Kim Capella (@pbeechie)


2 oz. soy chicken alternative

¼ cup chopped onions

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

½ head of lettuce

¼ cup cubed mango

1 That’s it. Zesty Apple + Mango & Chili fruit bar

2 Tbsp fat free coconut mango salad dressing


First, prepare the soy chicken (or meat choice) according to the package. Tofu would also be great. Additionally, sauté the onions in a pan with cayenne pepper until lightly browned.

While that is cooking, cut your lettuce and add to a large bowl. Add cubed mango and 1 Apple + Mango + Chili That’s it. Zesty bar that has been cut into small cubes. This adds sooo much flavor to the salad.

Add your cooked soy chicken and onions, then top with salad dressing. Add more cayenne if desired. Enjoy!


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