Looking for Allergen-Free Halloween Candy Ideas? The Dietitians of Palm Valley give you a quick overview of food allergies, plus a list of tasty allergy-friendly treats!What is a food allergy?A food allergy is an abnormal response that the body has when a particular food is consumed. The allergy causes the immune system to respond. The [...]
The alkaline diet has become increasingly popular over the last decade. As the world of healthy eating has taken off, more and more people are looking to find a diet that helps them lose weight and avoid disease.The premise of the alkaline diet is that it raises the body's pH to make it less acidic, and thus more alkaline. People [...]
Inflammation refers to your body’s process of fighting against things that can harm it. This is critical to good health, as fighting against infections, injuries, and toxins – is one of the most crucial aspects in staying healthy. You’re probably already familiar with inflammation, because whenever you over-exercise – you feel sore the next day. This is one form of inflammation. [...]
Back-to-School season is in full swing! While the kiddos will be learning math and history, we have the A+ lunch ideas to make lunchtime easier for everyone.We know this time of the year can come with lots of chaos and commotion, especially when your kids have dietary restrictions or food allergies. On top of this, [...]
You might think “bacteria yuck!”, but don’t worry, not all bacteria are bad for you! Most of the bacteria in your gut is quite harmless and are considered beneficial; they can aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. They may even affect your mood, immune system, and metabolism.Your gut contains hundreds of different types of microorganisms (or [...]
Probiotics are becoming ever more popular these days. From yogurt to supplements, marketers have started using the benefits of probiotics as a catch-all term, to help sell products. But what are probiotics, exactly? Simply, they are live microorganisms, which can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. More and more studies show that the balance (or [...]
Here's how you can help make Halloween allergy-free and inclusive for all trick-or-treaters through the Teal Pumpkin Project®.An Allergy-Free HalloweenCreepy crawlies and ghouls galore! It’s almost All Hallows’ Eve and while little vampires and zombies are gearing up to canvas your neighborhood streets, amongst princesses, robots, and an infinite amount of tv and movie characters, [...]
Without prebiotics, the probiotics and good bacteria in your gut, will have nothing to fuel them. This is why nature packages prebiotics and probiotics together, in foods.These days, most people in the health and wellness community know about probiotics. Those beneficial microorganisms are good for your gut, as well as your brain. But prebiotics - [...]
Halloween is just around the corner and we have the perfect craft for kids to help you get your spook on! This craft is easy to do, with little to no mess. The kids can help you out too as a way to bond and have fun together. These are the perfect treat to pass out [...]


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